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Trio — Solo Booklet (Pre-Order)

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It is with great excitement that I am writing this very first solo booklet that includes 3 of my closely kept secrets.

The whole idea of this booklet was to include effects that could not only be done by anyone but also be done anywhere without much preparation. Well if you know anything about me, you would probably know that I am a huge fan of highly visual knacky moves. While I personally truly enjoy practicing these knacky moves, I do understand that they might not be suited for everyone and everyday performances. And truth to be told, my repertoire for everyday performances, is quite different from the material that I am known for. I can do them, but I believe when performing for laypeople, the simpler and less fancy the trick is, the better and stronger it might be. After all, you wouldn’t want your spectators to dismiss your tricks as merely having “quick hands” don’t you? Therefore when I was approached to put out a small booklet of effects which I personally use as my working material on a daily basis,

I have chosen these effects; No Look, Peregrine Flipover and Make A Wish.

These effects all have a very hands-off and fair feel to them, that I am sure you will love it. These effects also have the possibility of using the concept for more than 1 or 2 routines, which I am sure some of you will appreciate its versatility. With that said, I can’t wait for you to read and learn them, so let’s dive right into it.

3 March 2022

Estimated dispatch date: Q2 of this year.

Disclaimer: The included Make Your Wish props is vary from the single release version.

Weight: 0.5 kg
Dimensions: 10 × 15 × 6 cm


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