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The Art of Visual Storytelling

Learn and be guided in person by a renowned and award-winning street photographer.


“If you're looking for a credible and well-organised workshop where jargon is made simple; complexities made straightforward; formalities turned casual; then The Portraiture Photography Workshop might be where you should be. Avi conducts the workshop well. He is talented, yet he is approachable and generous in sharing. He has even made things simpler for us with step by step concepts that we could practise more easily in the field and in the class.

Being a newbie, this is such a great start to learn and appreciate the art of Portraiture photoshoot! Thanks”


“I am delighted to pen a few words on Avi Yap's workshop on 'Portraiture Photography' which I attended with 5 others at Leica Raffles on 16 Jan 2021. Avi's warm & pleasant personality made the 2-hour workshop a relaxed and easy-to-follow session, and a most enjoyable one indeed.

The expert's critique of some of the photos taken ended the workshop with smiles all around, and hoping that the workshop could be somewhat longer.”

HC Seow

“I'm very happy to have attended Avi Yap's portraiture workshop! Avi is very helpful and clear with his explanations even with beginners. I've learnt alot in this workshop! From finding the right camera and lens, to camera settings and techniques, to the most crucial part; communication during a shoot.

Avi is a very talented photographer and I personally really love his work! I hope to attend more of his workshops in the future!

Thank you!”

Wang Yan

What can you expect to learn?

Polishing your current skills
Refining your camera techniques to capture captivating shots that speak volumes.
Exploring new techniques
Embracing the thrill of shooting from the hip and capturing unique perspectives that ignite your creativity.
Self discovery
Finding your own photography style and creating images that are truly representative of your artistic vision.
Story telling
Harnessing the power of perspective and scale to craft impactful imagery that tells a compelling story.
Getting out of your comfort zone
Nurturing the confidence to approach locals with respect and capturing candid moments that showcase the true spirit of Tokyo.

Program Schedule


8am: Introduction at Yoyogi Park
9am: Explore the lively streets of Harajuku
11am: Dive into the bustling atmosphere of Shibuya
12pm – 2pm: Lunch Break
2pm: Capture the unique charm of Nakano
4pm – 6pm: Experience the enchanting evening ambiance of Shinjuku
Optional 5pm – 8pm: Nighttime exploration of Shibuya/Harajuku (admire the captivating city lights)

Bond through engaging introductory activities.
Reveal hidden stories through captivating visual narratives.


8am: Start the day at Nippori
10am: Visit the picturesque Nezu Shrine
12pm – 2pm: Lunch Break
2pm – 5pm: Engage in an editing session to refine your skills
Optional 5pm – 8pm: Witness the panoramic views from Tokyo Tower & explore Roppongi’s vibrant scene

Immerse in culture, traditions, and photographic artistry.
Attain photographic excellence with personalized guidance.


7am: Marvel at the architectural marvels around Tokyo Station and catch a glimpse of the Emperor’s Castle
8am: Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of Akihabara, the famous Electric Town
10am: Explore the cultural richness of Ueno
11am: Experience the traditional charm of Asakusa
12pm: Lunch
2pm – 5pm: Engage in an editing session to enhance your photographic works
Optional 5pm – 8pm: Capture the mesmerizing night scenes of Akihabara and delve into the vibrant Ueno Ameyoko drinking alley

Discover surrounding treasures and unveiling the newer yourself.
New Beginning
This isn't the end, but a vibrant new beginning.

Why Avi's Masterclass?


Winner of many Leica Fotografie International Awards. Each shot holds its own uniqueness. Discover the winning philosophy and skills behind every image in my masterclass, and elevate your photography by understanding the distinct insights that have contributed to my award-winning success.


Avi’s experience collaborating with renowned brands such as Bvlgari, Coach, Leica, and Tvb highlights a proven ability to meet the rigorous standards of top-tier clients. For aspiring photographers aiming to work with these esteemed brands, there’s an opportunity to glean valuable insights from Avi’s expertise in crafting visually striking and captivating images that resonate with the brand’s identity.


Navigating the realm of luxury brands and discerning clients introduces distinctive challenges. Avi will reveal personal experiences and strategies for overcoming these obstacles, providing invaluable lessons to guide you through comparable scenarios in your career. This will foster the development of your innate excellence, enabling you to thrive even in uncontrolled environments.


Avi is not only adept at communicating fluently in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and French, but also possesses a unique ability to use this skill as an effective icebreaker. This engaging trait allows Avi to establish a comfortable and welcoming learning environment, making the educational experience both enjoyable and impactful. Avi’s mastery of these languages serves as a powerful tool to connect with students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring effective and seamless teaching that caters to individual learning needs.


Among a plethora of tutorials and online masterclasses, the real difference shines through in the unparalleled worth of individualized 1-on-1 guidance. Guided by a global photography expert, this journey not only expedites your learning but also unveils untapped dimensions of your creativity, nurturing boundless growth. This masterclass charts the most efficient course to elevate your photography. Instead of a blind investment in online courses, channel your resources into this transformative experience. Here, you’ll attain enduring knowledge, skills, and insights that will be your lifelong companions.

Personalized Learning

Drawing from Avi’s extensive background and experience, participants can expect to receive personalized feedback and tailored guidance. Avi’s keen insights will help individuals identify their strengths and areas for improvement, fostering accelerated growth as photographers. Avi has a proven track record of successfully mentoring photographers across the spectrum, catering to both beginners and advanced practitioners.

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